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"A word can kill, a word can save..." Well, it's easy to lead people with a comment! Popular bloggers pay close attention to the opinion of their audience, as well as neatly help their subscribers, forming their position, using comments youtube.

Sometimes all it takes is one angry comment from a competitor for the public to misunderstand a video or see an implication that isn't there. With the help of click-through sites, you can increase engagement, set the right direction for discussion, and even attract new subscribers.

Use every opportunity to make your channel top: we'll find you real active YouTube subscribers and help you get likes on YouTube.

A comprehensive approach to the development of your channel will increase income from the project, and comments on YouTube will attract new subscribers and increase video views. There are many ways to add comments, but only with us you can be sure of a hundred percent success!

Why do you need the YouTube scoop: comments that change everything

Comments under YouTube videosDon't believe the bloggers who say that they don't care what people write on their resources: comments on popular channels are tracked, deleted, supplemented with new ones in a more positive way. The higher the popularity, the more competitors and detractors who will not like your success.

Our recruitment site, depending on the task set by the client, can work on the development of the channel or, conversely, "put sticks in the wheels".

It is always better to control the situation, so that you are not surprised that the audience suddenly turned away because of a couple of custom comments on YouTube. With the help of youtube scam sites, it's easy to diversify the discussion and give the right mood.

Different sites for scamming use comments as an effective tool, but only we offer a choice of residents of different countries, as well as guarantee feedback from real users.

You can order short youtube comments or a full-fledged review on a video, as well as take advantage of additional ways to promote the channel in the form of custom views of YouTube videos.

If your opponent or competitor is playing unfairly and abusing dislikes, we can help teach your opponent a lesson by ordering dislikes on YouTube. Whichever way you choose to promote your resource, the decision to buy comments will be the right one, and the costs will quickly pay off. Nakrutka is necessary for beginner bloggers and untwisted resources.

Get into the recommended and popular

When promoting a resource, you need to buy live comments, so that the activity was natural. The algorithms of different social networks and resources are similar in determining the top accounts: the more, likes, active discussion, the higher the probability of getting into the cherished categories:

"Recommended": the user regularly views certain content, and on the basis of his interests are formed offers of those videos that quickly gain popularity, cause interest in other people. With the help of YouTube scooping, you can quickly find your audience and get them interested in the content of those who viewed similar products, services, and entertaining videos. This method is more effective than advertising or ordering posts from popular bloggers.

"Popular" are the top viral videos that are viewed and commented on by millions. Popularity on YouTube is like a snowball effect: the more comments, likes and views you buy, the bigger the payoff will be later. It is advantageous not to wait until the video finds its audience, but to create the right conditions for a stunning start. Those who get into the top lists, you'll see when you go from the search engine: a new user will click "Popular" and immediately go to the most popular videos. 

It's easier to be "on trend" than to be popular, so it's enough to work on your YouTube comments to take the lead in the list, which is regularly viewed by billions of users.

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