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The social network LinkedIn is rightfully considered the main platform for interaction between employers and job seekers all over the world.

Moreover, this platform can be an effective tool for professional development, finding new business contacts or promoting a business. In this article we will tell you about the features and advantages of LinkedIn, its purpose and history of development, as well as about the useful features of this service.

LinkedIn - what is this service? How and when did it come into existence?

LinkedIn is a social network for job/employee searches, business and professional communication, owned by Microsoft Corporation. As of February 2021, it had 740 million registered users from 150 countries. The company is headquartered in California and has more than 20,000 employees.

The site provides extensive functionality for companies-employers and professionals who are looking for work. Registration and login to LinkedIn is available through a multilingual site (supports 24 languages), desktop application for PC and LinkedIn mobile application for iOS/Android.

LinkedIn was launched in 2003 and was founded by American entrepreneur and investor Reed Hoffman, one of the members of the so-called "PayPal Mafia". In addition to its headquarters in California, the company has 33 other offices around the world, from London and Paris to Hong Kong and Singapore.

LinkedIn went public in January 2011 and was bought by Microsoft in June 2016 for USD 26 billion. Shortly thereafter, an updated desktop version of the LinkedIn application appeared with a new user interface and a number of changes in functionality.

In 2019, the features of the social network were supplemented with the Open for Business function, designed to search for freelancers. At the same time, the LinkedIn Events service was launched, which allows the creation and management of various events for a professional audience.

Why do you need LinkedIn?

So LinkedIn has the status of a serious networking place for business and career-minded people, but for what specific purposes is it useful?
Job search and career development. Here you can post resumes, search for job openings, and network with recruiters and potential colleagues. LinkedIn provides a number of features for successfully positioning job seekers, such as allowing you to compare candidate profiles, etc.

Employee Search. This social network is literally sharpened to quickly and easily find employees for any type of business. It provides very wide opportunities for huntings, especially on paid plans.
Search for business contacts.

Registration in LinkedIn will also be useful for those companies/entrepreneurs who are not looking for employees, but just want to expand the number of business contacts. The site allows you to quickly and easily find new business partners and like-minded people in any industry, communicate in thematic groups, etc.

Lead Generation. LinkedIn is a very effective lead generation channel, and can also be used to strengthen connections and encourage the loyalty of existing customers.

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