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TikTok is one of the most significant digital crazes of our time. After the platform exploded in Brazil and the rest of the world in 2020, users of all ages and content niches began using it with a common intention: to make their videos go viral. The TikTok algorithm was something innovative, and the selection of videos in its "For You" is one of the most diverse.

This means that even a user who doesn't have a lot of subscribers or engagement associated with their account has a chance to go viral. It's a perfect place for aspiring content creators. But to get your content on the platform, you still need a lot of interaction with your video and, of course, a little luck.

Qualifying your content.

Crafts in TikTok is one of the metrics analyzed by the algorithm to interpret video quality. Other criteria that can be examined are the time a user spends on your video before moving on to the next one, likes, saves, etc. The exciting thing about shares is that they can distribute their content outside TikTok because the platform allows users to upload videos.

TikTok logically interprets that a video that gets a lot of reposts is very successful. Not only does that video win the approval of those who just watched it, but the person who watched it makes sure their friends see it too. There's a clear push to get more people to spend more time on TikTok, and that's very valuable to the app.

Buy TikTok Live Emoji.

TikTok has a set of secret emojis that can only be used within the social network. Available in the Android and iPhone ( iOS ) apps, the emojis can be inserted in signatures or comments left in videos and must be activated with text codes. The list combines emoticons with different human expressions that can represent different moods.

The figurines have their design and are divided into two groups. The first depicts human faces as round faces of different colors, depicting expressions such as joy, shame, anger, passion, humor, and other feelings. The second group resembles marshmallows, a white shade, but with different human emotions.

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