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Youtube likes a parameter that indicates the number of people who want the content of the published video.

So having 100 likes on youtube means that 100 people or users found your video interesting and worth appreciating.

Increasing the number of likes will change the image perceived by those who view your video. People viewing your video will have the number of likes received on youtube in front of their eyes.

Seeing the video and noticing that it is liked by, say, 1,000 people will increase the reputation of the content.

What number should I choose when I want to buy YouTube likes?

The number of likes you want to buy doesn't always correspond to the correct number of likes for your newly published video.

The correct amount depends on several factors:

For example, if your channel is new and you don't have many youtube subscribers, you should start with a small or medium number, such as 50 to 100 youtube likes.

After that, it can be helpful to buy international youtube views.

Increasing the number of views can buy more likes for your video.

You need to maintain a certain proportion between the number of views and the number of likes for the youtube video you have posted.

The number of likes should never exceed the number of views. Otherwise, the statistical gain will be unrealistic.

So don't forget to choose an amount corresponding to your channel and the number of views received until you buy likes.

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Can I buy likes for YouTube Shorts?
You can buy quality likes if you share the link and the video is searchable. Short videos on YouTube usually go viral much faster. Thus, buying likes for this content format can significantly benefit your video channel.
What information do I have to provide when I buy likes on YouTube?
When ordering, all you have to do is provide us with the link to the video and your email address. No password. We don't need anything else.
Can I split the likes between two or more videos?
No. Our service is designed to get the most out of one of your videos, so each order and the likes requested are for one video.
Can my account be banned for buying likes on YouTube?
No. Our service is very safe and thoroughly professional. YouTube will never delete your content or block your account.