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Why do you need to promote Tumblr?

Tumblr is a very specific and therefore original microblogging platform, just like in other social networks, users have the opportunity to subscribe to their favorite blogs and see their updates in their feed. A huge part of the content of the network is all kinds of pictures, videos and GIF-animations, and the network is incredibly popular among young people in the Western world.

Reposting allows you to raise your popularity and promote your name, your product, and your own creativity.

A repost is the posting of someone else's post on your page, group or publicity. What a repost does:

If a person posts a repost of your entry, the news will automatically get to his personal news feed, to see the news can all his friends, if the same repost is published in the group, respectively, will see it all the participants in the news section of the group.

Repost is an active method of advertising distribution, through which you can attract the target audience. With the help of reposts is the development of news and interesting information in VKontakte.

Repost is fixed if it is not deleted by the user or group and hangs in the news feed and on the wall of the group or page.

With the help of reposts, information is seen by many people, respectively, they can join the group, the publisher or become a subscriber.
The role of reposts is very high, not only for the development of this social network, but also for active advertising and increasing the number of groups and pages.

Why does the owner of a social network community need reposting?

If you own a social network community, you can repost interesting posts to your group for either friendly or promotional purposes. Mostly, of course, the latter. For example, you have a group with 10,000 subscribers and you sell advertising space on its wall. A person with a group of 1000 people can buy this service and you will repost on your wall and make money.

Thus, you can still make money on reposts!

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