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Buying Facebook views to increase traffic: What are Facebook views?

The number of views of a post or video on Facebook is visible through the profile statistics; their number is not related to the number of reactions or comments left by viewers; on the contrary: there are usually far more views than reactions (and this applies to both posts and stories). Generally, the number of views on Facebook corresponds to the number of content views, even if not entirely.

Why is it essential to have a lot of views on Facebook?

A post or video with many views on Facebook has a better chance of being well indexed, especially if it's a paid ad; in this case, however, it's wise to distinguish between perceived views and actual views, i.e., those with more analytical value.

The post with more views received more feedback and reposts from users, so it may have appeared more often among recommended posts; this can be especially helpful if you want to promote a brand or activity.

Reasons why Facebook views aren't increasing

Although a video or other piece of content is interesting, often it is presented in the wrong way (thus attracting fewer people or the wrong target audience); The most common mistakes that prevent you from increasing video or post views on Facebook:

Choosing the wrong headline: clickbait is a strategy that doesn't pay off in the long run; on the contrary: it only frustrates users more; better to focus on a clear but curious headline.

Using the wrong thumbnail. The purpose of the thumbnail is to grab attention and add missing information to the headline. In reality, however, this factor is less important on Facebook, where videos start on their own as soon as the user finds them in front of them.

Don't care about tags: tags should be targeted specifically, so don't put too many or too general tags.

The strategic role of video in increasing views on Facebook

Increasing the number of views on Facebook with videos is a great way to improve your influence on Mark Zuckerberg's social network; videos start on their own as soon as they are viewed, and people often linger on the videos that best match their interests. Videos are some of the most viewed and re-distributed content, especially from mobile devices.

Creating short videos guarantees reaching more visuals: short videos of less than ten minutes have been shown to attract more people who are likely to watch other videos on the same page.

Why buy Facebook views

Buying video views on Facebook can provide several benefits:

It can make a particular video more popular and increase the likelihood that other posts you've posted online will also appear with it; once a user's attention has been captured, they could start binge-watching or, instead, viewing all the videos on the same page.

As the number of views on Facebook increases, so will the number of reactions and comments.

Your brand may be known to more potential customers who want to click on the link associated with your page.

If you're in video marketing and want to get the most out of your videos, appreciate the idea of combining dedicated advertising campaigns with buying views on Facebook.

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Is it legal to buy Facebook live viewers?
Yes, it's 100% legal. We only send you real Facebook Live viewers. Therefore, all our services are entirely legal and in no way endanger your account. With our absolute Facebook Live Viewer service, you will never violate the Facebook Terms of Use.
Are the viewers real?
Yes, all the live Facebook views we send you are real. They are honest and unique users from all over the world just waiting to see your broadcast.
Where do Facebook live viewers come from?
We control a worldwide group of Facebook live viewers. You can be sure we're sending you viewers who care about your content!
Do my live viewers also comment and like my broadcast?
That's entirely up to the viewers. If they find your content quality and appealing, they may decide to comment and like your live broadcast. We do not influence our actual viewers. Thus, they will only comment and like your broadcast if they like it.
How quickly are requested services launched?
A service launch is the time that passes between successful payment processing and the start of delivery. Not all services and activities are delivered immediately, but gradually. This is done so that the increase in social media activity seems natural. Orders are usually released within 2-5 minutes after the order is placed and placed automatically. Clients typically begin receiving requested services within one hour of placing an order. Possible exceptions may be YouTube views, which are delivered late because the YouTube view count can be updated up to 48 hours after delivery.