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Tumblr likes - every Tumblr user will go to the specified post and like it.

This service increases the rating of the entry and positively affects the rating of the profile. For an entry 300-500 likes is enough for positive dynamics of the profile.

"Tumblr likes", allows you to raise the popularity and promote the name, the product, your own creativity.

Tumblr is one of the most popular Internet phenomena in recent times, combining blogging and social networking with a wealth of creative content, compelling photos, meaningful text and lots of other fun stuff.

But once you have your Tumblr account, how are you going to acquire followers and likes?

This article will teach you how to acquire lots of subscribers and likes in a short period of time.

1. Be an active member of the Tumblr community

Get likes. When you give other people likes, it shows that you have a positive attitude and will be happy to interact with other users.
On Tumblr, you can like the likes by clicking on the heart icon in the lower right corner of the bar.
The more likes you give, the more likely you are to be liked back!

Repost. If you're new to Tumblr, you need to fill your page with content soon. Reposting is a very good way to accomplish this. Reposting is when you add content to your page from another user's page. This will help that user expand his or her readership, and it will draw their attention to your account as well. Subsequently, they can thank you and repost from your page in return!

To repost, open the page you want to add and click "Reblog post" at the bottom of the post. You can also add a caption to the post you want to add by selecting "Caption. Click "Reblog post". Voila! You have added your first post!
If you have multiple Tumblr accounts, you can also repost between them. Just click "Reblog post" on any of your own posts, or do any of the actions above.

Subscribe to others. Tumblr is a social network similar to Facebook and Twitter, and is designed for communication and interaction between users. Therefore, you need to subscribe to others, and soon you will be subscribed too.

To find the blogs that you want to subscribe to, press "Find Blogs" on the right side of the screen - now you can choose from a list of topics that interest you. You'll find topics ranging from poetry to politics to celebrities to kitties. You can also search for a specific topic or blogger using the search bar.
Once you've found the right blog, just click "Follow" and their posts will appear in your news feed.

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