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The download rate of the account's audio plays a huge role for the visitors of your profile.

It is important for people to understand how popular a song has already become among Tidal users; the more people have downloaded and listened to an audio track, the stronger the desire to listen, rate and download an audio track as well as others have done. There are so many ways to increase 

Tidal playback which is better?

Try using different themes, playlist sizes and duration limits. Create a social media account that uses these settings. Increase the number of users on your social media account to compensate. Increase the number of music lyrics in your social media posts to attract a new audience. 

You should try to build an audience and get them to listen to your song. So, a good way to build an audience is to upload it to Tidal, join a podcast, or record a song on Tidal. That way, your song will attract more users, and more importantly, more people will play it! 

Then, the more people listen to it, the more people will see it and so on. That's the best way to get more people to play it. In fact, if you play your colleagues' music, you'll help develop mutually beneficial relationships in the business. 

You have the ability to add a cover song as a special attribute, which will increase the number of plays on your album. Cover art is not a number, although there are actual metrics that count. 

Tidal is a music streaming service.

What makes it different from others is the quality of the tracks: here you can listen to them in FLAC format.

We have been using the service for a few weeks and want to share our impressions with you.

There are two events that have made almost everyone know about Tidal. At least among those who are interested in music.
The first was the launch of a test on the service, the results of which let you know if you should listen to high quality music or not. The test is really interesting and tests not only the quality of the equipment, but also your hearing.

The second is the purchase of Jay-Z's service. Coldplay, Rihanna, Kanye West, Jack White and other musicians were present at the formal relaunch. They all signed a contract to exclusively publish their new and old material on Tidal.

Why Tidal is cool?

Perhaps the only reason is the quality of the sound. Tidal is the only streaming service that plays FLAC music at 1,411 kbps. These are dry numbers, so I'll tell you about my experience with it.

The first month of using Tidal is free, and for me that period is coming to an end. I have frankly weak Panasonic TCM 125 headphones. In comparison, they sound only slightly better than the standard EarPods.

The difference in sound compared to Google Music I heard immediately. It's not much, but I didn't expect even that. The main difference is that the sound in Tidal is denser and clearer. Alas, this is an insufficient advantage, considering the shortcomings of the service.

TIDAL is a music streaming service. What distinguishes it from others is the quality of the tracks: here you can listen to them in FLAC format.
Sound quality:
Standard = AAC 96+ kbp/s
Premium = AAC 320 kbp/s
HiFi = FLAC 1411 kbp/s
MQA = XXXX kbp/s
Key Features:
- View clips in HQ
- It is possible to create Family accounts (up to 4 people)
- Apps for iOS, Android, Windows, OSX, Web player
- There is a hardware with a built-in client
- Third-party players CapTune, JRiver, etc.
- Offline mode on mobile devices
- Ability to use Exclusive Mode for the playback source

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