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What is Telegram messaging, and why is it becoming increasingly popular?

Telegram is an instant messaging system compatible with all Android, iOS, and Linux operating systems and can be used from mobile devices and computers.

Like many other messaging systems, it allows you to send not only text messages and emoticons but also GIFs, images, videos, voice messages, and attachments of various types (even significant sizes); In addition, members can make free online calls, video calls and broadcasts with an unlimited number of viewers.

Many people prefer Telegram to other social networks and similar services (e.g., WhatsApp) for various reasons, mostly related to many features and privacy settings.

How to increase the number of Telegram group members

Increasing the number of Telegram members can be a great way to realize your business through growing social networks. For success, it can be helpful to:

Let your audience know that a Telegram group exists that you can join, such as by adding a special icon to your blog or company website.

Add a link to the group in the bio. This step can be helpful if you do a lot of outreach (e.g., through guest posts).

Sponsor a Telegram group on other social networks. For example, you can use a link to your Telegram channel in your Instagram bio or YouTube video description. On Facebook, some people like to sponsor one or more posts with a link to the Telegram group.

Include a link to the Telegram group in company emails, as part of a signature, or in newsletters.

Collaborate with other Telegram groups and sponsor each other in joint marketing efforts. In general, choosing partners with content that isn't similar to yours is essential. Otherwise, users won't be motivated to subscribe to another Telegram group.

Stay in touch with your audience with unique and exciting content. For example, some admins prefer to share ideas, contests, voicemails, relevant news, articles, videos, or handy apps. It's important that the editorial plan is consistent with the brand and the topics covered.

Once the public becomes aware of the Telegram group, it is essential to convince them to stay with relevant and engaging content that might not copy other social networks' feeds.

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