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What Twitch is and how it works

Twitch is a social network entirely dedicated to online streaming. Users can also upload videos, highlight clips, or entire streams for later viewing, but most viewers still prefer to use streams and interact with creators in real-time.

Twitch streamers are divided into categories based on the content being streamed; among the most famous are:

Music: In this section, you will find singers, DJs, and musicians willing to perform.

ASMR refers to that set of streamers who make pleasant and usually relaxing sounds, often through special microphones.

Just talk: this category includes streamers who want to chat about this or that or create themed podcasts alone or with other streamers/friends.

How to increase your Twitch subscribers

Suppose you already have a good following on some other social network. In that case, it will be easy to quickly increase your number of subscribers, especially if the content of your Twitch streams matches that of other social networks.

For example, you can increase your number of subscribers by starting a broadcast on YouTube and continuing to broadcast on your Twitch channel, perhaps taking care to choose a viral video game at the time.

In this way, many users will be encouraged to switch platforms, create a new profile, and become subscribers on Twitch (and possibly subscribers).

Another very effective method of increasing the number of subscribers on Twitch is to use raids. After completing a broadcast, you can direct your viewers to another influencer who may be dealing with similar content. They may be tempted to return the favor in the future, attracting new Twitch subscribers.

Twitch partners can create teams to link creators to each other, thereby improving the visibility of all participants; this trick is viral among player groups.

Why buy Twitch subscribers

Having more subscribers on Twitch increases the likelihood that you will rank higher, resulting in a natural increase in real subscribers and viewers.

A channel with sufficient numbers can provide interaction of various types, including sponsorship of a service or product for a fee; for example, gamers often sponsor headphones, clothing, gaming chairs, and video games.

Why not buy Twitch subscribers

On Twitch, subscribers are not always as important as on other social networks. The number of subscribers doesn't always exponentially affect the number of views; for example, an author with 10,000 subscribers often has less than 20 concurrent live viewers (mainly if you don't broadcast regularly).

Some people prefer to attend less crowded streams to establish a dialogue between the streamer and the chat room. Some creators limit the problem of overcrowded chats by allowing only subscribers (or even only subscribers) to send messages.

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Will my channel be blocked when I buy Twitch subscribers?
Buying too many Twitch subscribers quickly can block your Twitch profile for several days. To avoid this, try to purchase a package that matches your current number of subscribers.
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You will need to share your key for any of the products, including buying Twitch subscribers. All you need is your profile URL to support the purchase.
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To start monetizing, you need the support of 50 Twitch subscribers that generate visits.
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