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Every minute 500 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube. That makes it the largest video platform in the world.

There is a wide variety of users on YouTube. Some are looking for entertainment, some for self-education or textbook learning, and of course, for viewing music content. The diversity goes much further than that, though. The platform has more than 2 billion active users.

And they can be found on YouTube services for just about every other social network such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitch, Twitter, etc.

In addition, according to a survey by the Pew Research Center, in the U.S. alone, 7 out of 3 people watch YouTube videos at least once a day. For this reason, the network has become a favorite of advertisers.

What are YouTube comments for?

Do you know how social media works and why some channels or accounts are more popular than others? Well, to understand this, you have to think that every platform is a business, and businesses need customers. So, if your YouTube videos cause popular interaction, that means you will attract more customers. So if you attract more customers... YouTube itself will promote you since it's comfortable for you. Do you get it? Bottom line: you attract customers to YouTube, which means YouTube draws more attention to you, so you keep attracting more. It's simple!

In fact, that's how all social media works. That's why it's so hard to get started with them. No new channel gets likes, followers and comments naturally... That's why you should try to give it a little push!

What affects YouTube rankings more: subscribers, likes, or comments?

Having a solid YouTube channel is what will get you a good position on a website. First of all, you should have a very well-structured channel where information is organized into different playlists or playlists by topic. By including descriptive and attention-grabbing text, you will show potential viewers and YouTube what they can expect from your videos.

The numbers your channel shows are also an important positioning tool. It allows you to gain users' trust and become an expert in a certain field. These numbers, which have an impact on marketing, include:

  • A number of channel views.
  • The number of views of your videos
  • Date of content creation
  • Number of subscribers
  • Comments and likes.

So, while comments don't have as much of an impact on channel positioning, they are still necessary to make videos popular and for YouTube to consider them relevant content. Maintaining a YouTube channel is a valuable tool that should be used to the best of its ability while maintaining a period of activity on this social network. In addition, a quality YouTube channel increases its ranking by posting videos regularly, its content fits properly with the theme of the overall concept, and you get feedback from your subscribers.

Why should you buy comments on YouTube?

Marketing strategy for YouTube is a slow process that, while it produces quality results, is not seen for months and/or years. Also, the price for this type of service is usually high and not all people can afford it. However, you can pair your strategy with a secure service that will get you what you need faster:

  • Promote videos on your user account or channel.
  • Sell your brand or company products.
  • Increase your visibility among real users.
  • Increase interaction and engagement with positive comments.

For which videos is this commenting service valid?

The service that allows you to buy comments on YouTube is valid for all types of videos. It is not focused on specific content within the platform. The only requirement is that the video must be publicly available, as that way you can assign personalized comments without any problems.

So, if you're going to purchase a YouTube comment buying service, make sure that your channel and the content you upload are open to the public.

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Do I have to provide my credentials to receive comments?
No, when you place an order with us and buy comments on YouTube, we only need the link to the video you want to promote and your email address. We don't need a password.
Can I split comments across two or more videos?
No, purchasing a package for different YouTube videos is not currently possible. Our service is focused on one video = the YouTube comment pack.
Can my account or my video be blocked when I buy comments on YouTube?
No, our service is 100% secure and gives you random comments from real users on your videos. Therefore, the platform can't figure out that you bought them. However, avoid buying multiple high-volume packages for a single video. This can make YouTube suspicious and jeopardize your reputation as an influencer or content creator.
Does anyone know that I bought some or all of my comments?
No. Your comments on your video are positive and written by real people, so no one should suspect them. In addition, we maintain absolute confidentiality. We are a secure service.