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YouTube is a social network that determines the quality of content through the number of views, likes, and dislikes without neglecting the relationship between them. Usually, despite the high number of opinions and preferences, a high-quality video will still have a small number of dislikes caused by users who dislike the YouTuber or the topic in question.

Typically, this is a physiological amount of disliking that does not affect the promotion of the video, which the algorithm will correctly index.

How disliking affects videos on YouTube

Many users are influenced by the number of likes and dislikes they already have before leaving a review of a video. Some creators use this mechanism to punish web marketing competitors by directing large numbers of dislikes to content that is too similar to their own.

Is buying dislikes YouTube the right strategy?

The YouTube platform may have noticed an abnormal increase in likes and dislikes, so they can be removed. To avoid this, you should only buy not too-large packages through a professional service that can get around the hurdle.

Using dislikes to increase the credibility of your videos can be a winning strategy, especially for balancing out the excessive number of likes.

However, some people prefer to buy and dislike competitors' videos on YouTube. Typically, this investment proves helpful only in the initial periods but soon proves to be a waste of time and money.

Instead of investing money in displacing other YouTubers (who can quickly recover), it is better to devote yourself to improving the quality of your product and your business, increasing popularity on the platform, while not forgetting about other social networks (in particular Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok).

Nevertheless, we should not forget that YouTube perceives even dislikes as user-generated interactions, and a video that can generate reactions will not lose its good position on the platform.

The benefits of buying dislikes on YouTube

If you want to promote one or more YouTube channels, it is often necessary to place an order of views, followers, comments, and likes commensurate with the channel's initial size.

In this way, however, the page will have a settled but unnatural appearance: too many likes must necessarily be balanced by an adequate number of dislikes, which may be very small, but must still be present. A little extra investment can go a long way toward building trust in the channel and attracting new audiences to subscribe and interact.

Disadvantages of buying dislikes on YouTube

A high number of dislikes can indicate a poor-quality video on YouTube, so fewer potential subscribers will see it. If you want to invest in the natural aspect of your channel, perhaps to fix a purchase of likes that is too voluminous, it's better to buy a few YouTube dislikes so as not to undermine previously achieved results excessively.

If, on the other hand, the dislikes are meant for a YouTuber you don't like to degrade the performance of his videos, it is advisable to make this type of investment as small as possible. The number of competitors can increase over time. Instead of investing in their failure, focusing on your success with targeted social media marketing and economic investments is better.

If you want to hurt someone, the algorithm must remember that dislikes from trolls, bored people, or just random users won't be considered too relevant.

How to buy I don't like YouTube.

Buying dislikes on YouTube is a simple, safe, and fast procedure. It requires a few steps to complete:

  • Choose the package (or packages) that best fits your needs. You should contact customer service if you need a personalized service not listed in the catalog.
  • Add items to your shopping cart.
  • Enter the URL of the channel you want to dislike and a valid email address. To protect user privacy, you will not be asked for credentials to access the drain.
  • Make your payment using the suggested payment methods.

After successful completion of the payment, the first dislikes will appear within 1-3 days. The order will be delivered within a variable period, which simulates a natural increase in the number of dislikes.

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Do I have to provide my credentials to receive comments?
No, when you place an order with us and buy comments on YouTube, we only need the link to the video you want to promote and your email address. We don't need a password.
Can I split comments across two or more videos?
No, purchasing a package for different YouTube videos is not currently possible. Our service is focused on one video = the YouTube comment pack.
Can my account or my video be blocked when I buy comments on YouTube?
No, our service is 100% secure and gives you random comments from real users on your videos. Therefore, the platform can't figure out that you bought them. However, avoid buying multiple high-volume packages for a single video. This can make YouTube suspicious and jeopardize your reputation as an influencer or content creator.
Does anyone know that I bought some or all of my comments?
No. Your comments on your video are positive and written by real people, so no one should suspect them. In addition, we maintain absolute confidentiality. We are a secure service.