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Today with the help of Internet we study and teach, we cognize the world, we blog, we discuss actual questions, we share our impressions and experience, we follow everything that is most interesting for us and our students. Comments and likes are an indication of how we feel about posts/publications/videos and other content. It's a way of expressing our approval (or disapproval) and appreciation.

What are likes for and what can they tell us?

A like originally meant "I like". Now on some sites there is an opportunity to mark including the material you do not like. And, for example, on Facebook not so long ago, alternatives to likes appeared to indicate gradations of attitude toward content.

What are likes for? They can be seen as:

Non-verbal communication.

A way of communicating, a desire to mark your presence without engaging in public correspondence. Comments require a response, it takes time to write them. And comments are not always meaningful. Liking does not require a lot of time and energy, it is quick and easy. It's part of the new communication, you might say, a compliment. Experts have noticed a modern trend that as information grows, there are fewer comments, while the number of reposts and "likes" increases.

A form of acknowledgement.

By putting a plus sign (heart, etc.), we are interacting with the author. This is an example of virtual sympathy, an expression of support, making contact.

People are not always able to express themselves in person, but if they share the views of the author, they show it in the form of a "like". In this way they express ownership of the author's opinion or loyalty to the author himself.

Building Social Connections

Any online community is a collection of connections between people, their shared values, interests, and norms. In the online world, social connections are made on the Internet. When we click "like," it is a message to interact and collaborate.

Often we begin an acquaintance by liking. Then we write comments, have personal correspondence and add the person as a friend.

A way of self-presentation

A like affects the author of the content, but not only the author. By clicking on the approve button, we show ourselves. This is not just a gratitude or positive feedback, this is also a form of public feedback. After all, everyone can see who exactly supported the author. It reflects the identity of the sender and the statement "I am here", "I agree", "I join in".

Wanting feedback

By clicking on a heart, we hope in part to get a response from the person. We like it when our content and ourselves are accepted, popular, and in demand. We expect reciprocity and want something important for ourselves as well.

Need for approval and acceptance

Because we live in society, most of us have developed a need for approval of ourselves and what we do, a need for acceptance, for being recognized as a person, for our importance to be emphasized. In life, this is expressed in smiles, touches, compliments, support, listening. Online, this need is partially met by likes, comments, and correspondence. You can simply give a like, and the author will understand that the material is interesting, useful, etc., that it is accepted.

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