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Why buy dislikes on Youtube

➡️ Explanation of the new system

YouTube's new policy will soon make dislike counts on the platform private for content creators. This means that only those who have posted a particular video on the site will be able to see the number of dislikes of that video. Thus, the public will no longer be able to be guided only by the number of likes/dislikes of a video to determine the quality of the content.

➡️ Engagement.

With this new policy, disliking is still considered a type of interaction with a video (as before), but the exact number of dislikes is hidden from the user. In other words, buying dislikes on YouTube doesn't affect the public's perception of its content. It allows it to be recommended to more people on the platform and gain popularity.

How can this purchase benefit you?


It's not just the likes that a content creator lives by. Lowering the dislike meter, both reviews (positive and negative) act as a type of interaction that promotes your content. You can order a package with a dislike count proportional to the number of likes your video already has and suddenly run some tests and see for yourself how much it contributes to your reach.

Main benefits.

By diversifying the number of likes/non-likes, YouTube can look at your video in a different light and distribute it to more users who have other interests. Some of the main benefits this type of buying can give your channel on the platform include the following:

  • Content Approved by the YouTube algorithm
  • A change in the audience on your channel
  • New subscribers
  • Comments
  • A large number of views
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Can I buy likes for YouTube Shorts?
You can buy quality likes if you share the link and the video is searchable. Short videos on YouTube usually go viral much faster. Thus, buying likes for this content format can significantly benefit your video channel.
What information do I have to provide when I buy likes on YouTube?
When ordering, all you have to do is provide us with the link to the video and your email address. No password. We don't need anything else.
Can I split the likes between two or more videos?
No. Our service is designed to get the most out of one of your videos, so each order and the likes requested are for one video.
Can my account be banned for buying likes on YouTube?
No. Our service is very safe and thoroughly professional. YouTube will never delete your content or block your account.