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Clubhouse is a closed social network, accessible only with an invitation.

Communication takes place in voice format. There are well-known comedians, such as Dolgopolov, Naishuller, and Minaev. Other famous people and tom-managers of large organizations are not excluded.

Already today, the social network puts a special emphasis on voice interaction. For the time being, there is no provision for sending messages in printed form. This is explained by the fact that the developers do not consider it necessary, in view of the diversity of existing messengers and other social networks, to create a platform that will be similar to the existing ones.

Promotion in Clubhouse is done using the so-called white methods.

No methods are used that would lead to blocking the account. As such, they do not exist at all. All of the restrictions provided for by the site cover the rules of interaction between users. For example, bullying is prohibited here, as well as all types of its manifestations, and it is possible to introduce additional standards in each voice booth. For example, some moderators establish a ban on the use of foul language, prohibit the discussion of certain topics.

Promotion of Clubhouse is possible not only for such cabins, but also for personal accounts that want to communicate with one user or with several. In the new social network, it is possible to gain subscribers, listeners in the rooms, as well as to make them later speakers or moderators. The site's voice capabilities are as extensive as possible.

The Clubhouse recruitment itself is complicated, because at the moment, the possibilities in registration are still limited. These restrictions apply to users from different countries, and not everyone can download the application by invitation, because, as noted earlier, it offers a limited number of invitations.

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By the way, have you ever thought that on Instagram multimillion-dollar bloggers earn enormous amounts of money. Most users at least once thought afterwards that everyone could be in the place of such a blogger. The bottom line is that most of them started their activities on the social network long ago, when it was not yet popular. Initially, it was easier to recruit and gain subscribers in the same Instagram.

It's not hard to guess that the new social network Clubhouse will have about the same story. At first, there are few users registered on the social network, although most of the stars are already here. And you have an opportunity to become one of the first to promote your account by attracting the resources for recruiting. This is exactly what our resource can help, which offers all users the appropriate promotion services.

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