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The more likes you have, the more you will be noticed by other users. Likes are the best way to promote yourself and your business.

In addition to everything else, there are four things that set Quora apart from all other social platforms.

The first thing about Quora is that it provides value. When you participate in discussions on the platform, you should try to do good, be honest, and you will get the same in return. That's the right thing to do, and that's how this mechanism should work.

When you share useful content, create videos on your YouTube channel, or engage in any other kind of content delivery activity, you should always focus your attention and efforts on providing quality content to your audience. Always be helpful before you ask users to do anything.

The second thing about Quora is that users are waiting and looking for your response. That is, you offer what your audience needs as opposed to when you post content on Instagram or Facebook.

In this case, you're publishing certain content to a huge audience, but you don't know if the users need that information or not, if that content is useful to them.

On Quora, a quality response will always be awaited by millions of users because it deals with a particular issue. If you do it qualitatively, the platform will reward you with more views, comments, and positive votes.

The third feature of Quora is that published content will always be relevant and stay on topic of that issue in the feed. It is very likely that someone will need an answer and will find yours even several years later.

The fourth feature of Quora is that it is highly search engine optimized. When a person searches for something in Google, there is a high probability that the answer to this question will be published on the Quora platform, and the result will be on the first page.

Now, let's move on to useful tips for using the platform. In this section, I'll walk you through how to use the platform, how to navigate it, how to write and publish answers correctly, how to use Quora in a way that grows your email list of potential customers, and how the platform can help grow your YouTube channel.

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