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Live streaming is a video format that is broadcast in real time.

Broadcasts are popular because users are interested in live emotions. In addition, many people prefer to be among the first to receive interesting/useful information.

Online streaming, or live streaming, is gaining popularity on social media. But it's not just entertainment, it's an opportunity to promote your brand. In order to understand the intricacies of the process, you need to delve deeper into it.

Techniques that will attract more viewers to a live broadcast on social networks:

A fairly relevant and unique topic

Topic crucial. Just honestly think for 5-15 minutes about "Why would a viewer want to watch this webinar instead of reading an article on this topic or watching 'cats on youtube'" and you can formulate a topic that will attract more viewers. That's the same 20% effort that will produce 80% of the results.

If you think more about relevance and uniqueness, you can add value to the topic for the viewer.

Relevance is what's trending or in high gear and ever-important topics like "making money," "how to make friends," and other stuff from the foundation of Maslow's pyramid. In February 21, "How to Make Money at the Clubhouse" airs will attract more viewers than "How to Make Money on Instagram.

Polls with a choice of topics

Audiences who know they can manage the airwaves and choose "what topic the host should cook up" are more interested in coming on air. By comparison, other things being equal, 50 people show up to an on-air show without a poll, 80 people show up to an on-air show with a poll.

After I check the long list of topics, I make a short list. I choose from 4 to 10 topics - it depends on the number of air days - and formulate "what the airing is about. In the wording I explain "why the viewer should watch the broadcast", and for myself I write a note "why this topic is necessary SMMplanner. Topics in the survey are formed in pairs, I try to kosmplektovat themes so that one of the topics is more advantageous than the other.

"Blackmail" with the number of participants.

I've noticed that if subscribers are offered a "you give us 30 votes and we'll do the airing" style deal, viewers will leave votes and some of them will come to the airing itself. Experiment and find that bar where it's clear "the topic is really interesting to viewers or it's all crap and start over."

On-air questions

The old trick is to plan the broadcast, ask the audience "what's worth talking about."

One time

Theoretically - if you do weekly airings, airing on the same day and at the same time disciplines and brings in more audiences because it's easier to schedule. The timing itself matters, but not too much. Obviously, if you have more "Moscow" subscribers, holding an airing at 1 a.m. would not make too much sense. However, the logic of "all working people, at 7 pm are already back, already had dinner, you can watch the air" - does not work, there will always be someone unhappy, who is not comfortable. My policy is that I air at this time, if it is inconvenient for you, that's your problem.

Newsletters and advertising.

The most logical, easy, and quickest way to get people on the air is to tell as many people as possible about the broadcast. To do this, you can immediately set up a platform where you will inform about the mailing list.

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