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Yandex.Zen attracts authors for several reasons. It promotes your content on its own, it is relatively easy to write articles for Zen, but most importantly, it has monetization. It is for the sake of getting to it faster that some channel owners order a boost for Zen.

In this article we will tell you what and why they are adding to Yandex.Zen and how to do it without risk to the channel. We'll also give a list of sites and services for scamming.

Accrual in Yandex.Zen - what is it and why is it needed?

Before proceeding to the recruiting, let's tell you how the algorithms of Yandex.Zen work roughly. First, you publish several articles, and on their basis the algorithms determine the theme of the channel. Usually it takes 3-10 articles to do this.

When you don't have subscribers yet, Zen starts showing articles in the general feed and tracks how readers react to the content. Specifically, how many people read the articles to the end, like them, comment on the posts, click through to other articles in the channel, and subscribe. When the channel gets subscribers, the algorithm starts to take into account their interaction with the content and interests.

In general, the logic of the algorithms is the same as for other platforms - the more interactions with the content, the more interesting it is for users.

Which means it needs to be promoted. Also, Zen recommends articles to users depending on the topic they are interested in. For example, if you have a channel on recipes, Zen will suggest your content to readers who frequently view recipes in the feed.

They let the algorithms know that the content is interesting to the audience. A read-through counts if the user reads an article for longer than 40 seconds (or to the end). Or watches a video to the end. When monetizing, it is the read-throughs, not the views, that are counted by Zen.

What is the nuance of accruing uninterrupted readings. Most likely, it will be done by bots or an audience with interests other than the channel's topic. This can then lead to algorithms recommending your content to a live but untargeted audience.

Who simply won't read it and interact with it. That is, you can get a surge of coverage at the point of recruitment, and then a sharp decline, which is definitely not good for the channel.

Whether it's worth it to boost readership: it makes sense to do it to pass the threshold for monetization connection. And, in fact, for the sake of monetization itself.

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