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Vimeo is an incredibly popular service nowadays that allows you to view a variety of videos.

It contains tens of millions of all kinds of files from various categories: reports, science, music. This resource gives you the opportunity to share with users the creative products that you have created. It has a huge audience. It counts tens of millions of people from all over the world.

According to statistics, there are 25 million active users registered in this service. All people who have an account can download files for free. But their number per week is limited. Although this volume is quite enough to open your own channel and make your activity more popular.

A convenient search and many filters allow users to very quickly find what they are interested in.

Many different channels were created on this resource. They allow you to quickly and easily find the information that you are really interested in. You can also make your own videos.

Vimeo is a free video sharing service, similar to YouTube. It is more popular with the English-speaking audience.

The network allows bloggers to earn money by watching videos, but there are no ads on the videos.

Unlike YouTube, the service is not aimed at all countries, but only some. For example, Russia is not on the list of countries and is not planned.

To use the service you have to pay money to the blogger. Moreover, the competition for the clips is much lower than in YouTube and this gives a chance to not very famous bloggers.

Where does the traffic for Vimeo views come from?

To increase views we use traffic from different sources, the most basic are presented below

CAP resources is an analogue of offernets, where for each view a user gets a small fee. In this case the viewer will be a video in Vimeo network. Such views are obtained with the help of live users. The average length of viewings is up to 60 seconds.

Offers - each user watches the video until the end (or not less than 70% of the length). These views are aimed at improving the quality, so that all views are counted correctly. The total volume of such views does not exceed 10-15%.

Traffic from advertising sites - we redeem traffic from pop-up ads, or clickander. The majority of such traffic is generally suitable for click-throughs.

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