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Telegram post views promotion

Telegram is a fast and actively developing social network, it attracts a lot of attention. Telegram subscribers and views boosting is a great service for promoting your Telegram channel. The number of Telegram message views is directly related to the popularity of your channel and the number of its subscribers.

Telegram Posts views promotion is a service for promoting posts (or messages) in Telegram. With us you can order views of messages (posts) in Telegram. Service is perfect for people who have their own channel in the social network Telegram, who want to raise his statistics and greatly increase the number of subscribers to the channel.

We will add views to posts (posts or messages) in Telegram. The required number of accounts will view the latest entries (5, 10, or 20, depending on the option you choose) in your Telegram channel (chat). Telegram channel must be open and have a personal link for automatic boosting of message views.

How to order a subscription to post views?

Let's imagine that you post daily on Telegram, so you need a service of views every day. To automatically duplicate the order every day, place an order on this page, then in your personal cabinet, in the section "My orders" point at this order, click "Duplicate", then "By schedule" and set the frequency settings, in this case check the box "Every day". Also, you can set up that the order is duplicated more often, such as every 4 hours or every day, but at a certain time, etc. This is set up in your personal cabinet.

Before launching a subscription to order duplication, your balance on the site must be sufficient for future duplications. The charge is made upon launching, you can unsubscribe at any time on the order page.

How does the service work?

Viewing the latest posts on your Telegram channel: our best Telegram accounts will view the latest messages (posts) in your Telegram channel. Before ordering on the service, you need to consider that the posts should already be published and the views may be added with a slight delay.

The link to your chat (or channel) in Telegram should be specified in order for the order to start automatically. Along with this service, we recommend you to increase the audience of subscribers of your Telegram channel. The more views a post (message) has, the more chances that new users of the social network will look at your photos, videos and subscribe to your channel.

Acceleration speed is rather high: up to 1000 views for 24 hours for 10 posts, which means that in 24 hours for the last 10 posts you will get up to 1000 views for each post. The service is needed to increase the authority and raise the statistics of your channel.

Characteristics of the service: Surname and first name are different (Standard, human and adequate). Avatars in all accounts are set, very high quality. No one will see exactly who watched the recordings of your channel, only the number of views.

Live users will watch posts and messages from the specified Telegram channel.
The service is automatic. Execution begins immediately after ordering.

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