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Hello, new Steam user.

I don't know how you discovered this service, maybe you decided to play a free game, or bought a disc and there was a Steam-key, but in any case congratulations on your registration. If you're reading this guide, for sure you decided to learn such a complicated thing as Steam and I hope that this guide will help you. You can read about how Steam is built, when to buy games, what to be afraid of in Steam in this guide. Blue links are active!

Steam is an online service for digital distribution of computer games and programs developed and maintained by Valve. Steam acts as a technical copyright protection tool, a platform for multiplayer games and streaming, and a social network for players. The Steam client also enables installation and regular game updates, cloud-based game saving, text and voice communication between players.

At the beginning of 2021 there were over 50 thousand games offered for sale via Steam, and this number grew by 8-10 thousand games each year[3]. In 2020 the number of active users of the service, who used it at least once a month, exceeded 120.4 million.

Since 2016, the Steam Awards were approved, in which the winners are selected through voting by the users of the digital distribution service.

What features does Steam offer?

Steam is a digital distribution platform, but in addition to selling games and software, it also helps players play and socialize with convenience.

Free multiplayer and co-op
A community where you can discuss games and discounts
Text and voice chat
Marketplace, a place where you can sell items you don't need from games and buy items you do.
Item Swaps

SteamCloud - cloud storage for your game settings and saves

Automatic updates. No more searching for game patches. All they come to Steam in a timely manner. Exceptions are only very old games
Community & Browser Access in Games

Achievements - Get achievements for your favorite games. Achievements are exciting to get all the achievements of the game.
Streaming - Watch and stream your favorite games directly on Steam

Games Library - an easy-to-use and highly customizable library of games, apps and music that lets you customize artwork and banners, sort your games by criteria and collect them. Unnecessary games can simply hide or delete from your account (not forever)

Easy creation and storage of screenshots. Press f12 and capture the highlights and just memorable moments in your favorite games. Share screenshots after the game!

Workshops - create new content for games and share it with players. Skins, maps and other modifications will make familiar games more interesting

Game protection with VAC anticheat and others - no unfair players will be able to stop you. Multiplayer and even single player games are protected by Valve's VAC anti-cheat. In addition to VAC, other anti-cheat software protects game fairness

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