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What are podcasts?

The term "podcasting" was coined by British journalist Ben Hammersley. It happened in 2004, when he combined the words broadcasting and iPod. The author proposed that this was the name of a new technological trend in the delivery of audio files to Apple players. As a result, podcasting was named the entire sphere of content production and distribution, while the word "podcast" stood for the new format. Podcast is a new, interesting format of entertaining and educational content consumption, which is perfectly monetized abroad.

Podcasts are audio programs that resemble classic radio programs. Most often they are conversations or monologues on a variety of topics: technology, movies, fashion, sports, science, cars, humor, and so on.

If you have a lot of listeners and subscribers, then other people will see it, they will want to download and listen to the podcast too. a large number of subscribers inspires confidence. It's a great promotional tool. They will go to your profile, share it with their friends and save it.

The main difference from radio programs is that podcasts are spread over the Internet. The author doesn't need a radio station or an expensive studio. It is enough to record on more or less normal microphones and send new episodes to listeners via special online services.

That is why podcasts are created not only by professional speakers and journalists, but also by ordinary people. Anyone who knows how to interest the audience can become a successful podcast host.

Another important feature of podcasts is availability on demand. On the radio, you listen to what is being broadcast at the moment. And in the case of podcasts, the user gets recordings. He can select any episode and pause the playback.

What are the benefits of podcasts

The most important benefit of podcasts is that they can be listened to in the background during some major activity. This is especially true for activities that don't require much concentration. For example, you are driving a car or doing the dishes and learn new facts about a field in which you would like to develop. Or you just listen to stories from different people's lives to relax and take your mind off your everyday problems.

The first place to start is a podcast hosting service.

It will store your podcast and allow people to listen to it. Since the host is the backbone of your entire show, it's important to choose the right one.

Here are a few things to look for when choosing a podcast host:

Flexible storage space - Your podcast may start small, but it has the potential to grow and build a huge audience. Make sure you have the ability to expand your disk space from the start to accommodate all of your future episodes.

Unlimited downloads - Don't put a limit on how many times people can download your show; unlimited downloads are an absolute must-have.

RSS feed - The host should have an RSS feed for you and syndicate it automatically. You will then use that rss feed to distribute your podcast to listening apps.

Sufficient bandwidth - If your podcast becomes incredibly popular, you need to make sure that you have the bandwidth for all listens and downloads. Otherwise, you will lose listeners. Many hosts put limits on downloads as part of a separate plan, such as no more than 1,000 downloads or no more than 100GB of traffic. That is, it will be impossible to download more than these values and you will lose listeners. Be sure to pay attention to this criterion, even though it only plays a role for popular podcasts.

Distribution - The host should automatically distribute your show to podcast apps so that you do not have to do it yourself. This is a very nice addition. But even if your hosting doesn't have this feature, you can always do it manually using rss.

Embedded preppers - People will be able to just click to listen and you will be able to embed players on your site. A very important feature, but most hosts definitely have it.

Analytics - So you can see how many people are downloading and listening to each episode. But not everyone has quality analytics. A key metric that you should definitely have on your radar is the length or % listening to an episode. It directly signals the quality of the material.

Podcast Transcription - This way, you can turn your audio into text for a better listening experience and SEO when search engines crawl your pages. This is a top feature and helps you turn your podcast into text for your blog.
This point, of course, doesn't answer the question of how to promote your podcast, but rather how people will listen to your podcast. And if their listening experience is positive, they will subscribe and come back again. And that's promotion.

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