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Why people repost articles

Users on social networks are usually very careful about their feed of posts. They carefully form their image, which they would never want to ruin with low-quality, useless material.

If you want your content to be reposted regularly, you have to understand your audience. You have to understand what they're interested in and why.

Not long ago, The New York Times Consumer Insight Group did a very interesting study that tried to figure out why people share content. It had never been done before. Therefore, the results of this study turned out to be very useful for anyone who is building a strategy for working with a target audience in social media.

For a full week, the company conducted face-to-face interviews with users who often share other people's information in their feeds. In total, more than 2,500 interviews were conducted. And the results were as follows:

68% of respondents use reposts to try to talk about things they're interested in. Trying to show what they believe in and who they are.
69% of respondents share because they feel more involved in a particular cause. If you repost a charity event, you already feel better. They have helped, so to speak.
73% share information to show their involvement with a certain topic and to meet people with similar interests.
78% spread information to keep in touch with their acquaintances.
84% disseminate information to express their support for a brand, person, or idea.
94% of all survey participants do repost to share with friends, acquaintances, colleagues useful and qualitative information.

In fact, they're trying to influence the lives of others this way. After all, good content is beneficial.
Have you noticed that of all the reasons listed above, only one of them has to do with the personality of the person who shares the information? It seems logical to conclude that users want to share useful information with their friends in an effort to make their lives better. By reposting, they are doing it for others, not for themselves.

How to make articles popular and shareable

The folks at Quicksprout and Neil Patel personally can help us with this. He's made up a whole checklist that you can follow to make your posts more shareable. And we've translated it, adapted it, and added our comments.


Make your users look smart: post quality content with the latest information in your niche (research, case studies, news).

Make them feel useful: publish content that is highly practical and helps solve relevant problems.

For example, we published an article "They can help you find all the conversion killers - 10 Google Analytics reports". The article was useful from a practical point of view. You could analyze your site right in parallel with reading the article, because everything was simple, clear and described in detail.


No one ever disseminates information that can badly affect his image. If you publish low-quality and uninformative content, you won't be able to gain the trust of your readers.

For users to trust you, follow these tips:

Always back up controversial information with facts. At the very beginning of this article, we wrote about the reasons for spreading information and indicated who did the research, as well as posted a link to it. If you look at the blogs of well-known companies (Quick Sprout, Crazy Egg, KISSMetrics), there are a lot of links that confirm the facts mentioned in the article. Neil Patel (Forbes included him in its 2014 list of top internet marketers) writes very popular articles that get tens of thousands of views.

And in each article he provides about 100 links to other sources of information: his own articles, articles by experts, research results, media publications.
provide valuable information, not try to sell your products and services. If the main purpose of your content is to sell, it will alienate readers. If you provide useful information for free, without trying to sell it, it will encourage them to share it. By doing so, you can build a loyal audience around your brand in the long run.

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