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Facebook offers its users many ways to interact - mark a post they like (give it a thumbs up), send requests to be friends and, of course, leave comments. Facebook comments are a separate way for the audience to communicate: they express their opinions, clarify, dialogue, agree and have verbal battles. It is this feature that allows pages to climb up the rating ladder and become popular.

What can I do with comments on Facebook?

The most important thing - they can be left: under photos, recordings, videos, music. In them any user writes his opinion. It is such a way to declare oneself and one's position. Not every opinion can be to your liking, and in the next section we will tell you how to limit users' ability to comment on your posts.

You can invite your friends to them. Add a dog icon, write the user's name and here he is already involved in a dialogue or has paid attention to the information in the post (see 3 effective ways to tag a person in Facebook).

Comments are left in contest posts, where the conditions are to mark a friend. They can be changed and a separate section of the article will be devoted to this. You can also delete comments and complain about them.

The mystery of a single comment

When you write a comment to someone, it is visible to everyone who wants to see the comments on the post. If your friend's profile is open, your comments on posts are also open. In addition, all comments after yours will also fall into your notifications (you can opt out of this feature).

This is done so that you don't have to run to a friend's profile a hundred times to see if someone has continued the discussion. According to my subjective feeling, discussions on Facebook do not last more than a day. Sure, someone can go to your profile and "like" your old posts and comment on old posts, but that's still rare. Usually people comment on whatever is relevant today.

Your friends won't know what or who you wrote in the comments. The only option is to go to your profile and see your recent activity. I'm sure few people do that. There is no Facebook comment search (analogous to blog search).

Your feed also displays your actions - you've changed your profile photo, added a job, a university, favorite quotes - your friends will find out about all of this. If you don't want to draw attention to this, either make your changes at night (when most people are asleep), or click the cross next to such a post on your wall after you've made all the changes.

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